Once a passion, now merely a job

Ewan MacKenna

Press Box
With an era of instant information and hits meaning money upon us, sports writing has slowly lost its soul and is moving further and further from its story-telling halcyon days, writes Ewan MacKenna

The bleakness has never been about just one moment, but there is still that moment that stands out as a microcosm of where sports writing has slowly been spiraling. With 2012 just a few weeks old, the club scene was keeping many GAA journalists looking busy and useful at a relatively quiet time of year. So, a group gathered in the boardroom of a prominent company with column inches to fill across the week and a quick way to do so. What happened next depressingly went down as follows and is immensely common within this game.

A PR person entered and gave a pep talk on Lucozade before Colm Cooper was brought in and he too had…

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